Chevrolet Volt Trip Energy/Cost Calculator

This page was designed with the Chevrolet Volt in mind, but it can be used with EVs and traditional ICE powered cars.

Electric Miles Driven:
Gas Miles Driven:
¹kWh Used:
Gallons of Gas Used:

Total Miles Driven:
Trip Cost: $
$ per Mile
kWh per Mile

Gasoline Energy Rating (kWh)
EPA (34.02 kWh)
CARB (32.6 kWh)
Gasoline ($/Gal):
Electricity ($/kWh):

¹kWh usage is adjusted for typical charging losses. Typical: 85% charging efficiency. Your mileage may vary.
²When calculating trip info for regular ICE cars, the value for MPGe and MPGcs are identical and reflect traditional Miles Per Gallon.

Last Updated on 2014-11-18: Adjusted kWh usage to account for charging losses